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    Allworthy Antiques grew out of a love for early American antiques. Slowly, the occasional trip to the local group shop hoping to find just one or two examples of early New England pieces grew into frequent trips to auctions, estate sales, and true antique shops. Graduate work in early American history and working at The Rhode Island Historical Society for more than five years fueled the passion to find early American country furnishings and accessories from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Fortunately, my wife, Kirsten, enjoys the same passion and we would often go away for the weekend in search of a new piece.

    Finally, the natural progression of this hobby was to start a business. Established in 1997 and named after a character in the 18th century novel, Tom Jones a Foundling, "Allworthy" seemed an appropriate description of the type of merchandise I planned to offer. Having spent much time studying the best examples of Rhode Island furniture at the Historical Society it was difficult to leave, but it is so much more fun finding great antiques that are for sale. Kirsten also enjoys the benefits of being married to an antique dealer. Often when I return from an auction fortunate enough to have purchased something special, she exercises her "wife's prerogative" and takes the best of my new stock for the house.

    Now things are a little different from when we started. This business allows me to stay home with our two children, Sophia, born in 2000, and Daniel, born in 2002. They often accompany me on buying trips with Daniel strapped to my chest in the Baby Bjorn enjoying the ride and Sophia in her stroller talking up a storm and telling me the direction that she wants us to go. She amazes dealers when she correctly identifies blanket chests, dry sinks, grain bins, and step-back cupboards. I think that she is going to be my best picker.

    The antiques we sell have been selected because they are pieces that we would be proud to have in our own home. We hope that you enjoy your pursuit of that special antique as much as we do.

     - Dan Romani

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